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Google Classroom - An Innovative Tool for Teachers

Google Classroom is an innovative tool for educators to help them improve communication with their students, keep their classes organized, and save time. This is integrated into Google Drive and Gmail to allow students to create, organize and turn in assignments quickly and in a paperless way.

It also allows teachers to make announcements, ask questions, and leave comments in real-time. So, students can get feedback about their submissions. Teachers can also create and collect assignments in the Assignments tab of the Classroom Dashboard.

With Classroom, teachers can see who has or hasn’t completed the assignment. The Assignments page also provides students with a clear overview of their upcoming tasks and deadlines. 

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User reviews about Google Classroom

  • Josephat Makandauko

    by Josephat Makandauko

    the interface is user friendly and spectacular and the fact that it is linked to my drive is amazing.

  • Hariton Mukadafe

    by Hariton Mukadafe

    Its a good way for anybody to learn and understand many things.