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How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom in 3 Fast Steps

So you’ve started teaching on Google Classroom, and you have the lessons all set up. The students start pouring in thanks to the class code that you provided. The problem is, how do you keep track of who is participating and completing assignments. We’re going to quickly show you how you can take attendance to overcome this obstacle.

How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom

Google Classroom automatically provides you with student details when they sign up for your courses. Therefore, knowing how many should be at the lessons is easy. Let’s show you how you can actually count how many are actually taking part in your classes and discussion sessions.

Step 1: Open your class

You’ll start by signing into your account and heading to your courses. Search for the appropriate class and open it. If set up correctly, you should be able to see a full list of students for the assignments and lessons.

How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom

Step 2: Ask who is in attendance

Now, head to the Classwork tab. You’ll need to hit the ‘Create’ button that’ll let you set an assignment or question. You can now ask who is in attendance in your own creative way to get their attention. Try to do this a few minutes ahead of schedule, and again just before class starts.

How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom

Step 3: Capture the names

You should start seeing the students’ replies. It’s best if you issue a classroom policy whereby these responses are mandatory. When the names appear, you can record them on your attendance sheet.

How to Take Attendance in Google Classroom

Wake up, students!

Sometimes, Google Classroom students might delay in responding if their preparing or running late. Even after the lesson has started, make sure to always head back to the question. You can also make note of someone that speaks up in class who didn’t reply to you, and give them a stern warning privately.

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