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How to Leave a Google Classroom in a Few Easy Steps

Google Classroom earned significant acclaim when schools all over the world shut down. As teachers were frantically trying to find ways not to lose touch with their students, many discovered its excellent tools to continue teaching. 

With Google Classroom, you can create and distribute assignments, follow your student’s progress in real-time and share feedback. All on one user-friendly platform. Google Classroom is available for free and safe download on Android, Windows, and iPhone.

When all assignments are complete, your students can leave the classroom and move on to the next subject following these easy steps:

How to unenroll from your PC

Step 1: Sign In

Navigate to and click on ‘Sign In.’ Enter your Google Account details or use your email address, whichever you used to create your Google Classroom Account.

Step 2: Unenroll

Navigate to the specific classroom you want to leave and click on ‘More.’ Press on the ‘Unenroll’ button to confirm you are leaving the class.

How to unenroll from your iPhone & Android

Step 1: Open your app

Tap on your Google Classroom icon on your screen

Step 2: Find the right classroom

Scroll to the classroom you want to leave and tap on ‘More’> ‘Unenroll.’

Step 3: Unenroll

Tap on the ‘Unenroll’ button to confirm your action.

How to remove a student from Google Classroom

Step 1: Sign in

Sign in to your account at using your Google Account details. 

Step 2: Find the class

Click on the specific class where you want to remove a student and then click on ‘People.’ Here, you will see all the students’ names in the study.

Step 3: Remove students

You can check the box next to each name of the students you want to remove from the class.

Step 4: Confirm your action

After you checked all the student names you want to remove, click on ‘Actions > Remove’ at the top of your screen. Click ‘Remove’ again to confirm.

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