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How to Archive Your Classes in Google Classroom in 3 Easy Steps

School vacation: the time of year that both teachers and students alike live for. You’ve finally hit the end of the year, and now you need to prepare your content for next year, and you want to reuse a few of the assignments and lessons from the course that you just taught. We’ll show you how to archive and reaccess your classes in Google Classroom on PC, iPhone, and Android.

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How to Archive Your Classes in Google Classroom

If you choose to leave the students in the classroom when you archive it, then they will be able to access the content, but they won’t be able to interact with any of the assignments so, if you want to avoid any confusion, remember to either remove the students before you archive or notify them of the changes that you’re making. 

Step 1: Log into your account

Log into your Google Classroom and navigate to the class that you want to archive.

Step 2: Select Archive

Click on the three dots next to the name of the class and select Archive from the drop-down menu. This will send the class to the archive.

Step 3: Find archived classes

If you want to find your class in the archives, click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner, next to the Google Classroom text, and scroll down until you see the Archived Classes option. Click on this, and it’ll show you the archive, along with any classes that you moved there.

Building Your Academic Archives

Google Classroom has become one of the most valuable tools in every teacher’s toolkit for various reasons, particularly the ease with which it can be accessed on PC, iPhone, and Android devices from anywhere in the world. This archive feature offers teachers another incredibly handy tool because it allows you to store your previous lessons and teaching materials for future reuse.

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