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How to Join a Google Classroom in 6 Easy Steps

Suppose you’re a student that recently started getting classroom codes from your teacher while remote learning; you’re on the right page. We understand that all these new apps you have to use instead of sitting in a full classroom can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be smooth sailing. 

Google Classroom is available for free and safe download on Android, Windows, and iPhone. You can quickly access and see all your assignments, and you’ll have all the best G suite tools available to help you complete them.

Sign in for the first time

Step 1: Go to Classroom

Enter the URL into your browser. When the page opens up, click on ‘Go to Classroom.’

Step 2: Enter your account email address

Use the email address you signed up with and click on ‘Next.’ Enter your password and click ‘Next’ again.

Step 3: Read your welcome message

After you’ve read the welcome message, you can click on ‘Accept’ if you agree with the terms of use.

Step 4: Select your role in the classroom

You can click on the ‘I’m a student’ avatar on your screen and then click on ‘Get Started.’

Join with a class code

Step 1: Sign In

Now that you have a Google Classroom account, you can sign in using your new account details. You can sign in with your email address or your Google Account information.

Step 2: Join a class

Click on the ‘Join Class’ button at the top of your screen > enter the code your teacher sent you > click on ‘Join.’

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